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1 – Here Are The Holy Grail Of Products That Make Thin Hair Look Super Thick

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share what products help make their thin hair look thicker. Here’s what they’re using… – myonkey / Via

2 – 27 Holy Grail Hair Products That Actually Work


“Hask Argan Oil is the only thing in my hair routine that never changes. It keeps my frizzy, curly, crazy long hair in check no matter what other products I use. I’ve waited my whole life for my hair to shine like this!” – thegoldproject / Via, clairdayz / Via

3 – 25 Miracle Products That May Save Your Dry Or Damaged Hair


“Hask products in general are outstanding, especially at the price point (they’re all less than US$10, at least the ones I’ve encountered), but ESPECIALLY the Keratin Smoothing Oil that comes in a vial: I have crazy thick hair and I get eight to ten uses from one. It’s a leave-in that doesn’t make my hair oily in the slightest, just soft and hella shiny and healthy! I swear I’ve had a lot less breakage since I’ve been using it. Best hair discovery I’ve ever made.” —tinydespot

4 – 26 Hair Products On Amazon Our Readers Are Loving In 2018

“They travel well and I get 2–3 uses from each one, depending on the condition of my hair. The Monoi oil smells great and all of these conditioners are quite effective for me. I have shoulder-length green and purple hair using temporary dye by Jerome Russell. I often tease my hair and sometimes use a flat iron. These conditioners are gentle on my colour and help me deal with my massive ’80s-sized hair mess. Everyone always asks me how I can dye my hair and keep it so healthy! Besides not having to worry about redoing the color (minus my roots) more than every few months, I constantly hydrate my hair with products like these!” —RebeloutionV

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