Reaching for your favourite hot styler but can hear your hair screaming ‘no please no more heat styling… I can’t take it!!’

We have found a perfect way to get no-heat waves that you (and your hair) will be thankful for. 

First, to prep your hair use Hask Hawaiian Sea Salt Beach Texture Shampoo and Hawaiian Sea Salt Beach Texture Conditioner. 

Containing Hawaiian sea salt for added texture and loose waves plus a nourishing infusion of lustrous pearl extract and hydrating coconut oil for added shine. Blue seakale helps protect and leaves hair feeling healthy and strong.

Gently dry your hair with a towel, or if your hair is super dry you can squeeze dry your hair with a cotton t-shirt… yes really a t-shirt! When using a regular towel the grooves can become aggressors to very dry and weak hair causing further breakage. Towels also can absorb all the moisture from our hair, versus a cotton t-shirt that just removes excess water. 

Then spritz Hawaiian Sea Salt Makin’ Waves Texture Spray which is infused with Hawaiian sea salt for piecey, touchable texture and coconut oil to help nourish. 

Now for the waves!

Divide your hair into small sections 

Twist the small sections of hair into mini hair buns 

Secure with a small hair clip or hair pin

Repeat steps 2 and 3 until your hair is all twisted and secured

Then wait until hair is completely dry, as if your hair is damp still you will get frizzy flat waves!

Take out the clips and unravel the mini buns, use your fingers to separate and e voila, perfect waves without the heat damage!

xoxo Hask

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