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Hask – Good For You Ingredients

By HASK | 29th October 2018

Good For You Ingredients – Free Of The Bad Stuff – Hollywood Stylist Approved xoxo Hask

Halloween Hair

By HASK | 29th October 2018

We all know that dressing up is the most fun part of Halloween. But that doesn’t stop at the costume, you have to style your hair too! Using dry shampoo the wrong way… yes the WRONG way, is the perfect way to get that crazy Halloween hair. Just forget all the rules of using dry shampoo, for now anyway! Grab your favourite Hask dry shampoo – for added volume, we suggest Chia Seed Volumizing Dry Shampoo…

Hask on TV – Queer Eye

By HASK | 12th October 2018

Did you catch Hask featuring in Netflix’s top show Queer Eye? Grooming expert Jonathan Van Ness chose the Coconut Milk and Organic Honey range for his makeover project! Jonathan also pointed out that Hask is sulphate free and how sulphates are ‘very aggressive for our hair’. xoxo Hask

Angelique Teo Review

By HASK | 12th October 2018

Join media and television star Angelique Teo (@angeliqueteo) as she shares her favourite Hask products and some top hair care tips. xoxo Hask  

HASK Hair – Powered by Ingredients

By HASK | 3rd October 2018

Formulated with exotic ingredients from all around the world, Hask Exotic collections provide high-performance formulas designed to treat and repair all hair types. Watch this video to see where your favourite Hask collection ingredients are sourced from. xoxo Hask