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Mint Almond Oil

Boost and restore lifeless locks with HASK Mint Almond Oil Thickening collection, featuring an invigorating shampoo and conditioner duo as well as Root Thickening Spray, which works to boost volume at the root base. HASK Mint Almond Oil refreshes and restores thin, dull, flat hair for instantly fuller-looking and thicker-feeling locks.
HASK Mint Almond Oil features a unique Bio3 Thickening complex containing three natural plant ingredients: Ginseng, Gleditschia and White Nettle, which combine and work in complimentary ways to restore volume, vitality, and energy to hair in a gentle, natural manner. These three ingredients blended together help treat imbalances with their rich composition of amino acids, catechic tannins, flavonoids, minerals, mucilages, tannins and vitamin B.
The HASK collection’s powerhouse ingredient, almond oil, increases body and improves texture. Almond oil is known for its high content of omega fatty acids, vitamin E and magnesium which work together to strengthen and condition the hair shaft. Peppermint oil offers a multi-sensorial experience, stimulating the hair and scalp with an energizing fresh mint scent.

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